What makes us unique?

A Winchester education is renowned for academic excellence. It encourages curious minds amongst pupils from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. So much of what makes Winchester exceptional is the people who are a part of the school. Our teachers nurture independence of ideas and encourage innovation. Our pupils develop their own passions and interests, whilst collaborating in outreach work that prepares them for compassionate leadership in an increasingly global society.

Our founder was a visionary who revolutionised education. We seek to continue his tradition of looking ahead.

Boys Boarding 13+

Boys & Girls / Day & Boarding 16+

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Encouraging Curious Minds

Academic success depends on a love of learning shared between pupils and their teachers. The school seeks to explore each subject in richness and depth, extending study well beyond the curriculum.

Discussion and debate in Div, unique to Winchester, helps pupils think critically and articulate their thoughts confidently. 

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A place to thrive

Winchester College operates as a fully-integrated community, where Housemasters, house teams, senior staff and teachers (known as dons) are all on-hand to support the pupils throughout the school day, and their school careers.

House spirit is nurtured through informal activities and house competitions, whilst animated conversations over mealtimes develop friendships as well as an appreciation of individual perspectives.


Community & Outreach

Sharing Experiences

Working in partnership with a wide range of charitable organisations and local schools, Winchester is committed to an extensive programme of outreach.

These activities range from rewilding with conservation groups to music workshops for dementia sufferers, and form an important part of many pupils' education. 

Sharing experiences


An Inspirational Heritage

Set on the edge of the city of Winchester, surrounded by Hampshire countryside, pupils learn, work and play within an environment of natural beauty and in buildings of significant historic heritage.

Our extensive collections, such as the Treasury museum, are used for everyday teaching, and also made accessible for public and community events.

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Joining Winchester

Winchester is a full boarding school for boys aged 13-18, with day places for girls and boys in the Sixth Form. The school has its own admissions process and we look for pupils with enquiring minds and natural intelligence, who will actively contribute to school life.

Experienced staff assist in every stage of the process, from initial inquiry through to choosing a house and sitting the entrance exams.

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Financial Support

Our founder’s ethos was to educate bright pupils, irrespective of their background.

We have a substantial bursary programme offering transformational opportunities to academically ambitious pupils. The school spends just under £3.5m on bursary support each year. 120 pupils - 20% of the school - currently receive financial support.

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